• Sydney Piwowar

Creating Your Mood Board

Every project starts with a Concept - this might be a brand, a location, or a story. What ever that may be for you, we will break down your space into a series of mood boards. Those boards start to tell the visual story of the mood and experience of being in the space. For an inside scoop, see what elements we consider when putting together your boards!


This is special to your project. In the example above, it would be the image of the beach in the Pacific Northwest.


Every project has their own environment and situation. It is our responsibility to consider that to craft a holistic experience.


This may be conveyed through fabrics, tiles, or any material that a guest would experience while in your space.


We may show furniture, fixtures, and equipment that are significant to your space and often define the aesthetic.

Some Mood Boards are going to be more in depth than others. For larger spaces that contain more elements, you will see more imagery and more combinations of materials. For more contemporary and minimalist spaces, you will still see plenty of imagery, but you may not see as many different materials present. There is no equation to the perfect mood board, because they are a reflection of you, your brand, and your people. For more information to learn how we can re-invent your space, contact us at

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