• Sydney Piwowar

Upgraded Holiday Decor

I have a love-hate relationship with holiday decor. I am tired of seeing my clients basements stuffed with storage containers of tacky holiday decor. Storage space is precious and we shouldn't fill it with tacky decor. Skip the bowls of acorns, bags of fake snow, and mini Santa figurines. I promise you, its not adding as much "holiday cheer" as you might think. Upgrade to these timeless pieces that you can easily update per season.


Skip the acorns, sparkles, and fake snow. Opt for something simpler, and timeless. I am a fan of the eucalyptus wreath that can be re-used in the spring, fall, and winter months.

PRO TIP: buy ribbon in your favorite seasonal color to jazz it up per season.


Holidays mean candles everywhere. Whether thats on the table scape, an entry table, or guest bedroom, they set the needed mood for cozy holiday celebrations. Opt for something more modern that you can mix and match for special occasions such as birthday dinners, anniversaries, etc.


If you are one of those families that puts up the stockings the day after thanksgiving, opt for one that has a modern design rather than something "themed". This will help your home feel designed and complete rather than a holiday theme park for a month.


Maybe its just me, but I feel like we have graduated from primary colors in our decor. Bright reds and greens have their time and place when you have young kids, but they spend 11 months out of the year collecting dust in the back of some cabinet. Upgrade to something natural yet extravagant so that it still feels special, only used for holidays and special gatherings, but not limited to the winter holidays.


I love garlands. Love, love, love. Fresh garland can be very delicate and very expensive. Faux garlands can be look very cheap. BUT 2020 has done great things for faux plants, greenery, and florals. If the idea of real is intimidating to you due to the fact that it is expensive and not re-usable, give faux a chance. I promise you that you will find it on my holiday table this year and no one will even notice. (;


There is something that changes in the dining experience when your drink is served in the correct glass. It feels significant rather than just another cocktail or glass of wine. For smaller gatherings, opt for something that feels more formal to create a memorable experience.

Want to see more? Comment below other holidays or areas you would

like some help decorating.

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