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We call ourselves Studio Natives because we are not the type of people that thrive in a cubicle. We are Natives to our Studio in which we explore the amazing potential you can achieve. 

​With a firm belief in living authentically, it is our goal to turn mediocre spaces into unique experiences for all. We are a curious kind that respects traditional methods of design but does not settle for them.

As a full-service firm with strengths in Interior Architecture, Environmental Branding, Product Design, Graphic Design, and Web Design, we create innovative solutions to help you share your story. 



Sydney spent most of her childhood exploring Chicagoland area, attending Columbia College of Chicago, and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Architecture. Constantly being on the move as a child with her family inspired her to think deeper into what makes a space comfortable, how we find community, and what builds memories.


Dedicating the first 10 years of her career to hospitality and residential design, Sydney strives to make a difference  in the every day user experience in and out of our homes using the power of neuroaesthetics. While Sydney thrives in all elements of the design process, she's most eager to research and produce thoughtful design concepts.

When she isn't day dreaming about the Studio's next big project, you can find her sipping tea, experimenting in the kitchen, and planning her next adventure!

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