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Hugged in between Colorado Springs and Denver, Broadstone Monument is nestled in a web of bike paths and a view of the Rocky Mountains. It is a place of rootedness—where its residents are centered in the moment, with one another, and with nature.

The design is grounded in the feeling of stretching out on a sunbaked boulder during a lazy family picnic. Earthy terra cotta, shades of brown, and blonde wood fill the spaces while naturally textured stone and brick, from rough cut to worn as smooth as a riverbed pebble, urge to be touched. Patterning in the floor encourages the walker to go on a journey, perhaps to a quiet nook to work or to one of the gathering spaces, where the telltale shouts of a touchdown are a clue into the frivolity at hand.

Organic lines and the repetition of circles in the design harken to a setting sun, cupping the mountain’s rugged edges in its glow. Soft shapes and curves in the furniture and fixtures plus pockets of built-ins provide a sense of protection.

10,000 SF


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