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First established by Denver’s elite pioneers in the likes of Molly Brown, later stalked by beat poets in the vein of Allen Ginsberg, Capitol Hill is awash in the clash between sophistication and grit. Yet, even at the heart of Denver, Coloradans crave a connection to nature and the mountains. Luma seamlessly blends the outdoors, through organic geometry and pure, natural materials that feel both exclusive and familiar, with the unique spirit of the neighborhood.

The interior plays on light – where daylight throws patterns on the ground and highlights the textures of tile, and in the evening, a creative warm glow illuminates woodgrain and seeps into velvet. The dark blues and teals of a Rocky Mountain dusk mingle with leather and wood, while expanses of calming white and concavities of quiet nooks nest residents in comfort. Curved openings beckon, heightened by this contrast of light and dark. The distilled color palette allows subtle pattern to shine, emphasizing natural repetition: blossoms in stone, rings in wood, hatched fiber in woven knit.


8,500 SF


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